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Tool-changing systems

A MIKSCH tool-changing system is a combination of a magazine and tool changer with gripper arm.

MIKSCH distinguishes between tool-changing systems with disk magazines and those with chain magazines.


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CTM tool-changing system

The CTM tool-changing system comprises a disk magazine with rotary indexing table combined with a CUT tool changer with gripper arm.

The tool holder in the disk magazine swivels 90° into the tool change position to allow the gripper arm to grip the tools.

Designation and tool weight:
  • CTM20 for tool weights of up to 3 kg
  • CTM30 for tool weights of up to 8 kg
  • CTM40 for tool weights of up to 15 kg
  • CTM50 for tool weights of up to 25 kg
  • three-phase brake motor (standard)
  • three-phase motor
  • servo motor
Tool support:

Can be supplied for all common types of tool support

Number of spaces:: 12, 20, 30, 48

All CTM tool changing systems can be supplied in a mirrored version

MCS chain magazine

The MCS tool-changing system consists of a MCM chain magazine with tool changer. The tools are removed from the spindle and magazine using the tool changer with gripper arm and then replaced. To do this, the tool holder swivels 90° into the tool change position.

Designation: MCS tool-changing system

Tool weight: up to 45 kg

  • Chain magazine: servo motor
  • tool changer: three-phase brake motor, three-phase motor, servo motor
Tool support:
  • SK-25 to SK-60
  • HSK-25 to HSK-160
  • other versions can be supplied to match sizes

Number of spaces: 20 - 60