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Survey successfully completed in 2020

Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V.

We would like to thank you!

Thanks to your support and great cooperation, we can continue to work on developing the company and our areas of expertise in the coming year, adapting them even better to your quirements.

You have made a major contribution by participating.
For every completed questionnaire, MIKSCH GmbH will donate EUR 5 to the Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V. to support sustainable education projects for children in Sri Lanka.

And we would like to honour this. Beside the donation campaign, all participants will be entered into a draw to win an attractive prize.
We wish you good luck in any case!

Best regards from Goeppingen,


Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2020 - The prize

LEGO® Technic Porsche 911 RSR, 42096

Porsche. The embodiment of German Swabian sports car engineering.
Being the owner of one of these cars is probably everyone's dream Or is it?
Well, you have already taken the first step and moved just that little bit closer to making it real -
by successfully participating in our customer satisfaction survey. This has automatically increased your changeces significantly. And who knows, maybe you will soon be the proud owner of a 911 RSR.

Admittedly, we can only make your dream come true on a small scalse. Nevertheless, something small can easily turn into something big.
Get on board and join us on a fast and exciting tour of discovery. Get to know the classic German car up vlose and discover how it really works thanks to Danish creativity.

We wish you lots of fun and success.

Our choice of prizes from last year

"Der Wünschewagen" - Dare to make a last wish come true!

You have made a major contribution by taking part in our customer satisfaction survery. We would like to thank you
on behalf of the charity "Der Wünschewagen".

Together with you we were able to raise EUR 260.
With this donation, we help to support and promote
"Der Wünschewagen".

Giving people happiness and joy in the last phase of their lives - that is the mission of the ASB-Wünschewagen.
Since 2014, this purely voluntary project, financed exclusively by donations, has been fulfilling a special
heart-felt wish of people in the last phase of their lives by taking them their favourite place together with their families and friends. More than 1,500 wishes have already been made reality by around 1,320 volunteer wish-fulfillers.

You see, by supporting us you help us to make the world a better place!


"Vesper" - the Swabian meal in a gift basket

The "Swabian Vesper" is actually the most important mealtime for folks from Swabia (region in the south-west of Germany). It is taken between breakfast and lunch and is really a between-meals snack.

However, the people from Swabia sometimes indulge in this meal so much that lunch can easily be skipped. This snack-turned-meal is also favoured in the evening - that is, a cold supper with sausage, cheese, farmer's bread, a small glass or two of wine rounded off with a shot.

The evening snack has now estabilshed itself as a full meal and is the convival time of day when the family enjoys sitting together, talking and eating.

Our winner enjoyed this little greeting from our home region the "Ländle".