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Welcome to the evaluation of our Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2020

Further to our customer satisfaction inquiry we would like to thank once more all our customers who participated in the poll!

Results of our Customer Satisfaction Analysis

The following diagrams are showing the evaluations of all participants.


We had asked:

In which areas do you think MIKSCH has the clear advantage over the competition?

  • Price - Performance
  • Quality
  • Individuality
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Forward-looking know-how and products
  • Personal contact (e.g. to a staff member)

Survey completed successfully

Thank you for your participation.

Your help will enable us to hone our skills again this year and to continuously improve.

Together we have collected for a good cause:


Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V.

For every completed survey about customer satisfaction in 2020,
we have donated €5 to the charity Friends Kinderhilfe Internationale e.V.

This organisation is committed to give children a life with better prospects.
Thanks to your participation, this has raised a total of 160€. That is great. We, from MIKSCH GmbH, have rounded up tha amount to 200€ and have already donated it to the initiative.

Your sincerely from Goeppingen,


The winner has been drawn

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the lucky winner
once more.

LEGO® Technic Porsche 911 RSR, 42096

Porsche. The embodiment of German Swabian sports car engineering.
Being the owner of one of these cars is probably everyone's dream Or is it?

Well, this year' s winner has already taken the firs step and has moved just
that little bit closer to making it real by successfully participating in our
customer satisfaction survey.

Admittedly, we can only make your dream come true on a small scalse.
Nevertheless, something small can easily turn into something big.

Our winner can now discover and get to know the classic German automobile up close.

We wish him lots of fun.