Cam gears - A brief explanation

As opposed to toothed gears, irregular motions like stepping or pendulum motions are generated with cam gears.
These harmonious motions can be freely defined in a wide range.
Ranges with constant speed, running at defined points, standstills and many more can be realized. Normal drives and outputs are realized either linearly or in a rotary manner.

The harmonious working motion, of the core functioning machines

The design engineer determines the marginal conditions for his working motion in his motion schedule. Ranges with constant speeds, synchronous run with other motions, points to be run and many more are defined in it, partially in a verbal manner.
We calculate the motion-diagram from the motion schedule. In the process, we fulfil the marginal conditions of the working sequence through a harmonious motion.

This calculation must be done very carefully because the function, noise and oscillation of the machine are positively impacted by this harmonious motion.
The carefulness of this motion calculation determines the success of your machine.

This harmonious motion is realized through several types

There are suitable arrangements of cam gears for many cases of application. Linear or rotary driving of cams, linear, oscillating or stepping motions of the organ of the output are possible. The cams and output links are arranged on a flat surface or in a space with parallel or crossed axis. Common examples are illustrated; special forms will be verified for feasibility upon inquiry.

Bauformen von Kurvengetrieben (DE)

Cam gears in connection with flexible linked gear

Cam gears in connection flexible linked gears enable the realization of a large amount of motion assignments. The harmonious movement is pre-determined on the output shaft of the flexible linked gear.
The re-calculation of the motion by the flexible linked gear takes the motion distortion in the cam profile into consideration. Through an intelligent displacement of the links of the joint with actuators, the motion can be modified in a targeted manner within large ranges.

Reliably reproduceable drive motion with high performance density through the cam gear in connection with fast and almost wattles electronic control system on the flexible linked gear leads to your success.