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July 2011

NEW: REMA-Shelf Magazine

The ultimate efficiency increase for your machining centre

Minimum conversion times and maximum flexibility!

REMA can hold many tool locations and due to its mobile magazine design reduces conversion times to a minimum or even eliminates them completely.  

Your advantages at a glance:

Increase in productivity 

  • Drastic reduction or complete elimination of standstill and conversation times.
  • Delay-free tool exchange on the maschine thanks to the buffer magazine.
  • Intelligent magazine organisation, e.g. drawer for worn tools.

Unique flexibility

  • It is no longer necessary to set fixed magazine sizes on the machine.
  • Can be easily expanded as required by the use of a mobile tool container.
  • Tools can be variably attached to different maschines.

Reduction of costs

  • The worldslargest tool pack thicknesses.
  • Economic and easy construction.
  • Maximum productivity per square metre of maschine area.

All tools are, for example, sorted according to tool sets and stored in mobile containers (BOX). By decoupling the magazine and machine, the magazine can be changed while the machine is in operation without interruption! A handling mechanism (KNIC) brings the individual tools from the magazine to an optional buffer magazine (PUMA), before they are transferred without delay by the tool changer to the machine.


 More information you can get here.