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Chain magazine from Miksch shortens chip-to-chip times

“With the MCM 150 chain magazine MIKSCH has developed a chain magazine that meets the demands for increasingly shorter chip-to-chip times. It can accommodate a large number of tools (currently up to 180) at minimum space.…more

Shelf magazine from Miksch minimises downtimes and changeover times

“With the REMA Shelf Magazine Miksch presents a worldwide novelty that allows drastically reducing – or even completely eliminating – downtimes and changeover times. As the manufacturer explains, the benefits start...”more…more

NEW: REMA-Shelf Magazine

The ultimate efficiency increase for your machining centremore

BRAMIN Concept Certificate

[Translate to en:] Zertifikat für Nachhaltige und umweltschonende Rohstoffverwertung. Die Anwendung des BRAMIN Konzeptes hilft dem Umweltschutz. more