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Engineering for cam gears - Your motions realized with our know-how across all sectors

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1. Customer inquiry

Timely illustration of the movement and loading duties by the customer. Counselling in case of drive concept

2. Miksch-Engineering

  • Design of the drive-concept
  • Calculation of the cams
  • Design of structural components

3. Structural components from Miksch

Prototypes ready-for-assembly and serial structural components from our production

Motion design and Cam development as service provision

The modular set-up of our services contains a broad customer-oriented offer Counselling, Design, Calculation and Production..
Select the individual modules or a complete solution from our stock.


  • Joint search for an optimal drive concept for your machine
  • Discussion of constructional peculiarities for cam drives


  • Motion design on your working organ
  • Selection of the motion functions depending on your requirements  
    (Harmonious movements, less-oscillating, noise-optimised, ...)
  • Collision control of several movements


  • Determination of main dimensions
  • Verification of geometric feasibility
  • Normal drive and output burden from your masses and forces
  • Selection of the roller depending on the required service life
  • Documentation of the calculation for your archives
  • Coordinates of the roller/cam tracks for your production
  • Production-conforming drawing for our production


  • Verification and re-calculation of the motion sequences and cam drives for the performance optimisation of existing systems
    for the performance optimisation of existing systems


  • Since approx. 1970, computer-backed motion design and development of cams
  • Motion design and cam solutions in the various sectors

Functions of motion

  • VDI-Guidelines 2143 2143
  • In-house developments building up on VDI 2143 2143
  • In-house developments for less oscillating motion sequences
  • Spline functions


  • In-house development by our cam specialists with constant follow-up developments
  • Adjustment to new cam standards
  • Linked to CAD issuing the cam profiles on CAD standard formats

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