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Calculation Program cam gears - DIMS with integrated CAD-catalogue

Program for calculation of index drives and rotary index tables.

The program shows a modern Multi-Document-Interface. Each calculation window is divided into two parts. The left-hand area is used for load data, while the right-hand section is for handling MIKSCH drive data.

Numerous calculation formulars are available for the input of load components. The total load with all components will be displayed in a clear list.

After specification of search criteria for the indexer the program looks for the optimal indexer. Alternatives can be selected by click on the corresponding buttons.

Additional windows allows you to display movement, torque and drive-performance data in the form of a diagram or in tabular form. You can define as a driven element the part of your plant system whose movement you are interested in (e.g. the toothed belt in case of a linear conveyor). Transmissions between indexer and driven element will be considered.

An additional window allows you to display the dimensions sheets corresponding to the selected MIKSCH drive and actuating system.

The integrated CAD catalogue allows the export of CAD data of the selected indexer in a multitude of CAD systems and CAD file formats. In a preview window the CAD modell can be rotated and zoomed. In a selection table you can modify all options wich are not defined by the calculation (e.g. position of shafts, mounting position of reducer etc.).

The catalogue supports the following CAD systems / file formats: AutoCAD, Caddy++, DWG, DXF 2D/3D, IGES, Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, MegaCAD, ProEngineer, SAT, SmartSketch, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, STEP, TopSolid, TurboCAD, VDAFS.

You can determine the contents of the print out of the calculation for your documentation. The print of the dimension sheets of indexer and actuatings system is also possible.

The integrated help system describes all features of the program ant the necessary basics of the calculation of indexers.

Each download is Zip-Files. Extract the contents of the file in a temporary folder and execute “setup.exe”. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard. After finishing you will find symbols to run the programs on your desktop window and in your start menu.


Selection (for index drive and  rotary indexing table):

Full version: DIMS and CADKat ca. 33MB