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Signalling device for cam gears and tool-changing systems

Attachment for microswitch

A control cam is attached to the cam shaft. This actuates a switch fitted by the customer. The signal from this switch enables the input to be turned off when the cam drive is paused.

The way in which the switch is actuated (with a cam follower, roller follower or contact-free) must be specified by the customer, since various cam types are used.

The scope of delivery includes a plate on which the customer can mount the switch.

Cam control units

Cams are situated on a drum, and these cams can be set as required to provide the customer with signals relating to the positions of the input shaft.

The MIKSCH cam control unit can be equipped with and without gear pre-stage (type FC). The version with gear pre-stage (type FCR) is used if the signals are distributed over several cam rotations.

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