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SETT setup tool - The adjustment device for your machining centre


The new way of aligning and positioning tools in machining centres

The adjustment device SETT setup tool from MIKSCH revolutionises the previous process of aligning tools.

The user is presented with a complete new method of positioning tools. Besides being faster, it is also easier and more precise to align various applications such as

  • Magazine to tool changer,
  • Tool changer to spindle,
  • pick-up magazine to spindle.

New method
Whereas previously it was only possible to check the condition as being ok or not ok, MIKSCH is now able to present a completely new process.

The measuring unit represents the first component. It does not only ensure the determination and display of the eccentricity to the operator with a measuring gauge but at the same time the determination of the axial grap through direction pointers in wich the correction measure is to be set.
The MIKSCH test adapter represents the second component; it is available to the operator in a variety of versions of standardised tool supports.

SETT setup tool for your machining centre.

  • fast
  • precise
  • easy

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The SETT setup tool - Your advantages!


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