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AVO alignment device for tool-changing systems


The AVO alignment device is used to adjust the accurately positioned transfer (concentricity and parallelism) of a tool support between components. E.g.:

  • Magazine to tool changer,
  • Tool changer to spindle,
  • Pick-up magazine to spindle.

Your andvantages!

  • Measuring the eccentricity
  • Measuring the axial clearance


Order the AVO alignment device right now in a case for the following tool supports:

  • Capto-C6 with item no.: 20706754
  • Capto-C8 with item no.: 20706354
  • HSK-A40 with item no.: 20706346
  • HSK-A63 with item no.: 20706348
  • HSK-A80 with item no.: 20706755
  • HSK-A100 with item no.: 20706352
  • HSK-B200 with item no.: 20706756
  • SK-A40 with item no.: 20706353
  • SK-A50 with item no.: 20706355


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